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Our Family Laws and Rules
1. You are not only an Mafioso-Soldier - You are Our Family member. Every Soldier in Our Family must to obey to His Boss and respect other members from His Family! When Your total money reaches 500,000,000 dollars - You are automatically upgraded from Your present position to the higher and You become Captain.When Your total money reaches 1,000,000,000 dollars - You are upgraded again to higher position like UnderBoss! And when You have more than 5,000,000,000 dollars in Your account - You'll receive special letter from Your Boss to create Your Own Family and to leave Your present Family.
2. Mongolians cannot fight against each others.
3. If one Mongolian Mafioso was attacked by another Mongolian or Foreign Mafioso,the Victim Mafioso must declare it to other Members of His/Her Family. And All Family Members must protect Him/Her.
4. Mongolian Mafioso who attacked Mongolian Mafioso will be attacked by All other Family members for punishment.Punishment attack must be only one time per Member.
5. Mongolian Mafioso Who is betrayed His/Her Family will be attacked by All Other Our Family Mmebers for total punishment and must be destroyed (killed).
6. If Mongolian Mafioso is decided to leave the Family or the Game - He/She must send All His/Her money to the present Family.
7. If Our Family Member have "0" dollars in His/Her account - All other Members must give Him/Her 500,000 dollars for help!




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